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título instrumentos opus e ano      
the stone raft 4 tenor trombones, bass trombone, doublebass trombone and recording 194,2013 35m 150€
the archangel gabriel solo trombone, 5 tenor trombones,2 bass trombones, doublebass trombone and tuba 183,2012 16m 100€
honoris causa brass ensemble and percussion 113,2003 3m 40€
short timorese suite brass quintet 102,2002 5m 30€
dreams without freud trombone and piano 97,2002 17m 25€
vila franca, pasodoble brass quintet and percussion 80,2000 3m 30€
paso redoble brass quintet 74,1999 3m 30€
the friendship farm symphonic fable with actor, children and solo trombone 65,1998 30m *
last wishes voice, trombone, accordion, doublebass and percussion 60,1997 4m 30€
old fashion music trumpet and trombone 43,1994 6m 20€
cartoon variations trumpet, trombone and tuba 41,1994 4m 25€
cabaret music clarinet, alto sax., tenor sax., trumpet, trombone, tuba, piano and percussion (optional) 35,1993 30m 50€
special olympics 4 trumpets, trombone, tuba and timpani 24,1991 1m 30€
polyptych for a friend who died 2 trombones and tuba 20,1990 9m 25€
romance trombone and piano 18,1990 7m 25€
10 bagatelles trompete and trombone 12,1989  8m 25€

* exclusive foco musical

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