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4th symphony “the days of prodigies”

(3 conductors in 3 stages)

2 sopranos, womens choir, string orchestra, viola solo,2 wind orchestras and soundtrack 196,2013 42m
the giant eyed girl voice, harpsichord, electric organ, tuba and soundtrack 192,2013 30m **

the life of a wine

(7 songs)

mezzo, string quintet and piano 187,2012 30m 500€
auto da purificação voice and portuguese guitar 186,2012 20m **
gnostic cantat vocal quartet, choir and orchestra 184,2012 36m
al-rábita soprano, children and ensemble 175,2011 30m **
inês dies guttural female, female choir, church organ, trombone and percussion 171,2011 42m **
homeland soprano, female choir and piano 167,2010 3m30s **
theater soprano, choir and ensemble 166,2010 3m30s **

(11 erotic and love songs)

mezzo, strings, vibraphone and piano 158,2009 40m
songbook voice and piano 125,2005 50m
2nd symphony “mare nostrum” soprano and orchestra (or band) 124,2004 30m 500€ banda 5000€ orq.
light and color voice and big band 118,2004 4m 30€
blindness, a requiem for humankind soprano, mezzo, children choir, mixed choir and orchestra 114,2004 75m 1000€
looping soprano, 3 clarinets, bass clarinet, trumpet, piano and percussion 111,2003 5m 50€
hot arias mezzo and 8 different instrumentations: piano; orchestra; mandolin orchestra; string quartet or quintet and piano; string quintet, flute, clarinet and piano; clarinet orchestra or clarinet trio; flute, 2 clarinets, piano, violin, violloncelo and doublebass;
10 wind instruments.
103,2003 10m
ode to euterpe soprano, choir and orchestra (or band) 99,2002 7m 50€
o alma-grande soprano, contralto, violin, bass clarinet and synthesizer 96,2002 40m 50€
desire songs mezzo, flute and 2 guitars 95,2002 6m 30€
cantata “the conqueror” vocal quartet, choir and orchestra 85,2001 30m *
popular songs soprano, contralto, clarinet and basson 82,2000 21m 30€
erotic songs vocal quartet, string quintet, piano and percussion 76,2000 65m
tralhoada vocal quartet, soundtrack, string quartet, piano and percussion 73,1999 3m 30€
velvet city male singer, choir, orchestra and rock group 69,1999 10m
last wishes contralto, trombone, accordion, doublebass and percussion 60,1997 4m
songs of disquiet vocal quartet, string quartet, piano and percussion 59,1997 43m
the cycle of the dragon bass-baritone and piano 57,1996 9m
the three gentlemen tenor, bass, brass quartet, organ and percussion 50,1996 5m 30€
the boy is sleeping soprano, children and piano 48,1995  3m 25€
5 cabaret songs voice, clarinet, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet, trombone, tuba and piano 37,1993  15m 50€

* exclusive foco musical
** exclusive teatro o bando

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