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title instruments opus & year      
the queen of fear for string instrument, guitar and piano students 234,2016 6m 75€
5th symphony “quarantine” under consulting 209,2014 48m sob consulta
4th symphony “the days of prodigies” 3 conductors in 3 stages with 2 sopranos, womens choir, string orchestra, viola solo, 2 wind orchestras and soundtrack 196,2013 42m sob consulta
gnostic cantata choir and orchestra 184,2012 36m sob consulta
the electronic doll soprano sax, accordion and orchestra 170,2010 13m 500€
matrix string orchestra 164,2010 4m 150€
3rd symphony “lusíadas” actor, choir and orchestra 162,2009 42m 1500€
concerto for saxophone quartet saxophone quartet and orchestra 160,2009 12m 500€
eros, erotic and love songs female voice, strings (9/4/3/2), piano and percussion 158,2009 40m 500€
mater, violin concerto violin, piano and strings 141,2006 20m 500€
concerto for tuba tuba and orchestra 139,2006 14m 200€
the secret of the sea theremin, children choir, mixed choir and orchestra 138,2006 15m 500€
the fantastic adventures of chickpeas actor and chamber orchestra 137,2006 15m 200€
the seven dwarfs for string instrument students with optional piano 131,2005 10m 100€
apollinis choir and orchestra 127,2005 7m 150€
2nd symphony “mare nostrum” soprano, mixed choir and orchestra 124,2004 30m 2000€
fantasy of an imperfect fruit choir and orchestra 123,2004 6m 150€
blindness, a requiem for humankind soprano, mezzo, children choir, mixed choir and orchestra 114,2004 75m 1000€
the prom accordion, choir and orchestra 107,2003 10m 150€
mass for peace children choir, mixed choir and chamber orchestra 106,2003 15m 150€
portuguese rapsody symphony orchestra with electric bass and synthesizer 105,2003 7m 150€
ode to euterpe soprano, choir and orchestra 99,2002 7m 150€
the conqueror soprano, contralto, tenor, bass, choir and orchestra 85,2001 30m *
cerimonial stereo 6 trumpets and orchestra 75,1999 3m 200€
the water forest actor, children choir and chamber orchestra 71,1999 30m *
the velvet city rock group, choir and orchestra 69,1999 10m 150€
the friendship farm actor, children choir and orchestra 65,1998 30m *
overture for gil orchestra 63,1997 6m 150€
1st symphony “the voice of gods” orchestra 33,1992 40m 500€
overture for a new queen orchestra 30,1992 4m 150€
práxis orchestra 8,1987 15m 2500€
baroque divertimento orchestra 7,1987 8m 150€

* exclusive foco musical
** exclusive teatro o bando

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