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title instruments opus & year      
the queen of fear for string instrument, guitar and piano students 234,2016 6m 80€
8 preludes string quintet and piano 177,2011  25m 100€
the seven dwarfs for string instrument students with optional piano 131,2005 10m 100€
popular children’s suite string orchestra 130,2005 10m *
hot arias voice, flute, clarinet, piano and string quintet 103,2004 10m 50€
it was for you soprano, mezzo soprano, flute, clarinet, piano and string quintet 89,2004 4m 50€
erotic songs vocal quartet, string quintet, piano and percussion 76,2000 65m
last wishes contralto, trombone, accordion, doublebass and percussion 60,1997 4m 30€

* exclusive foco musical

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